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Well, yes, of course you do, you're a human being, you want to know everything! So if you understand this, then the next question you have to answer is: How are you going to use that? What will be the use of it? I've always had difficulty in answering this question. The harder I think, the more people think I am dumb and stupid. Dumb. Who can think? Who can speak? Have you seen how people think about you? Have you heard them? You don't really know what people are thinking about you. Have you seen the people in a crowd laugh at someone and then forget about it? People forget about you and I'm not the only one. What about the person who laughs with you? What about the person who admires you? What about the person who respects you? We are too anxious to love, we are too skeptical to laugh. In general, we are not equipped for this kind of work. I say this: That is why I tried to separate myself from any claim of originality. I've always lived with this idea that I should not do anything that a million others have already done. I'm sure that you have done the same, at least once. I've also tried to avoid that which the thousand and one readers have already read. I want to be something that the hundred and one thousand readers will want to read. I want to provide for you. I want to give you a new experience. I know that a little book does not have any weight. At this point, this is where I am going. The first thing I want to do is to ask you a question. A simple question that you can answer as quickly as possible. Without opening your mouth. That's it. The second thing I want to do is show you some pictures. This may seem a strange thing to do, since you are not an expert in photography. Well, this is what I am going to do. The thing is that I am a great lover of photography and of all types of photographs. I really love when photography catches movement, when it catches movement, and when it catches the pauses and the silences. A silence. The third thing is that I




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